Role of youth voters in indian democracy

The role of youth in india's unique democracy april 30, 2014 1 comment 11854 views asia , general election 2014 , india , voter engagement , youth , youth activism new voters have the opportunity to deeply influence india’s general election, argues priyashree andley, 30, a correspondent from delhi in india, as they use social media and. Role & responsibility of indian youth against corruption the role of youths is unavoidable to control the corruption including national building until the stumbling blockade of corruption in the way of development remains. India is country of worlds largest democracy due to numbers of voters and political parties it is the will of the indian people and there’s polical participation in elections which makes the largest democracy in india.

Democracy' as the government of the people, by the people for the people' it means that democratic form of government common man plays the pivotal role the 529 words 3 pages. An indian election officer marks the finger of a voter at a polling station when india attained freedom in 1947, its people were not familiar with the democratic system. Back in 2015, sky news launched a youth-vote initiative called stand up be counted, perhaps unaware that it is also the name of a widely panned play by jim davidson and an anthem of the kkk. Impartial, credible election observers play a key role in shaping perceptions about the quality and legitimacy of electoral processes the carter center has been a pioneer of election observation, monitoring more than 100 elections in africa, latin america, and asia since 1989 and forging many of the techniques now common to the field.

Essay on election and voting in indian democracy category: essays, paragraphs and articles on january 1, 2014 by vikash pathak introduction: the people of india elect their representatives and these representatives form a government. A2a i think the correct role of youth in most democracies is to largely stay out of the process the 'youth' are by and large people without any real life experience who have no clue what the affect of a policy will be. —the main idea is that young people have an important role in democracy as they will be the people who will be called to continue all the values of the democratic system and attempt to improve it as well. Democracy is based on all people having the same rights and having the country ruled by the people because of this, elections are essential during elections, people have the opportunity to choose who they would like to represent them.

Another aspect which leaves many in a conundrum over dusu elections is the role of national-level political parties i feel the presence of the student organizations affiliated with these political parties is important to both strengthen the role of students in building democracy and identification of future leaders. The role of youth in indian politics ashima madan on the roads of indian democracy, we have travelled for about 63 years now and shall continue the journey for years to come in the same rickety ancient grubby vehicle of ours that has driven us for so long. The biggest weakness of indian democracy is the incompetent politicians and blind public who elect them only those persons holding licence will be able to contest election and participate in the indian electoral system who just enjoy the fruits of democracy we have less youth in politics for india to develop, youth must.

It established the national youth dialogue on electoral democracy, for example, which provided south africa’s youth with a forum to voice their concerns and opinions to independent officials this initiative found that the iec and other institutions needed to address the youth on civic and voting engagements and, in doing so, adopt. Voter indifference, youth, political brands and indian democracy posted on february 12, 2012 by harshvardhanverma the hindustan times youth survey 2012 found that 419% of the subjects (18-25 years) responded negatively to the question whether they voted in the last election. First, young voters are not as large in numbers as is being stated by various parties and analysts second, the youth alone can’t be the deciding factor, as their vote is almost as divided as that of voters of other age groups and they don’t form a core base for any party.

Role of youth voters in indian democracy

Voter in the eyes of the constitution the importance of elections in india—and for that matter, in any democracy—is as follows: choice of leadership: elections provide a way for the citizens of india to choose their leaders they do so by casting their vote in favour of the candidate or party whose views appeal to them. Young people imagining a new democracy this report marks the first stage in this process vote because they have to but that they do not see the role in promoting a youth participation agenda by demonstrating that young people are often excluded. Democracy and freedom: the role of youth in india today identify major problems and challenges being faced by indian democracy recognize the corrective measures for improving the indian democratic system and explain the roles of citizens in making an efficient and successful democracy participation in the electoral process, free. The more young people vote, the more our concerns — modern, secular, progressive — will shape india's agenda if we don't vote, we must be prepared to live with broken streets, non-existent.

Know about why elections are important in a democracy list of related videos of why elections are important in a democracy right to vote | voting in india role of youth in elections. International idea international institute for democracy and electoral assistance 4 enhancing youth political participation throughout the electoral cycle individual capacities is key, the capacities of organizations and the degree to which an environment 6 enhancing youth political participation throughout the electoral cycle 5. No electoral democracy can long survive without protecting the the success of india’s democracy that this volume both celebrates the question of democratic origins in india focuses attention on the role of political elites, and forces us to study earlier periods, especially.

Free media have long been recognized as a cornerstone of democracy and play an important role in influencing political discourse during elections when free and balanced, traditional media (print and broadcast) foster transparency and the dissemination of important electoral information. Role of youth in politics india has large productive and young population as her asset there are a few things which i would like to suggest there should be a retirement age for politicians as well which may be around 65 years. The role of youth in the fight for and defense of democracy in the new democracies of the world, the role of youth is of special importance, and in the world today there are more new than established democracies. Importance of youth in indian politics in 2004, 50% of the indian population was aged 30 years or younger however, only 35 out of 543 lok sabha members (6%) were aged under 35 nevertheless, the world values survey showed that the proportion of people aged 18–24 who identified themselves as very or rather interested in politics was around 50, an increase of 15% since 1990.

role of youth voters in indian democracy Indian youngsters have a wide role to play in sustaining the democracy of the country first of all, we all need to vote casting a vote and electing the right person as our representative in the assembly will strengthen the democracy.
Role of youth voters in indian democracy
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